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Strategy Analytics have worked with Mohammed Alaa for two usability projects in Egypt.

On each occasion Mohammed and his colleagues provided us with excellent service, proving to be professional and well organized.

Paul Brown, Senior Analyst,
Strategy Analytics UK


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Tel (U.S): +1 949 783 6059
Cell (MEX): +521 3314 3516 86

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Mohammed Alaa Portfolio - My Latest Work

Here you can find a selection of my latest work for your appraisal. As you will see, my portfolio reflects my skills in usability and user experience. More excellent work is coming very soon!

If you like my work and you are interested in any of my web design or Search Engine Optimization services, you can reach me using my contact us page. If you have any ideas or comments regarding my portfolio, you can send me an email here:

Organs SOS | a plea from the shadows - Charity Web Site Design

Organs SOS | a plea from the shadows
Organs SOS documentary film captures the intimate circumstances for the global trade in human organs with focus on organs trafficking in Egypt and the Middle East. This is a charity project aimed to help COFS Organization to spread the word about a high major problem in our community and world wide in poor countries.

Wordpress Theme, XHTML, CSS, Development
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Dubai Outlet Mall - Dubai Outelt Mall Website Design

Dubai Outlet Mall
Dubai Outlet Mall is well known as the biggest outlet mall in all the Middle East. The Vision was to replace their old website with a new website focusing on the user experience and to ease the steps to the website mall pages.

Front-end development, XHTML, CSS
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Dubai Outlet City - Website Splash Screen Design

Dubai Outlet City
I designed Dubai Outlet City Splash Screen. The Vision of My Client was to showcase Their Advertisement Video of the City in an Interactive way to encourage the website visitors to play the video and check their Dubai outlet Mall Website without any efforts.

Front-end development, XHTML, CSS
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MiArabia - Young Arab Leaders

MiArabia - Young Arab Leaders
A portal created to provide and organize internships online, without the help of a third party. The portal main goal is to create online communication media to ease the interaction and the relationship between the students and companies.

Provided design, XHTML, CSS and ASP.NET Theme Folder.
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e-Hotel Jobs Website

e-Hotel Jobs
The Only blog that provide the latest open vacancies in the Hospitality Industry & Hotels in The Middle East and World Wide. The Project is based on the Famous Blog Engine "WordPress".

Graphic Design, XHTML, CSS and Wordpress Theme.
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MENA - Middle East & North Africa Travel Awards 2009

MENA Travel Awards 2009
The Most Well Known Middle East & North Africa Travel Awards. With a continuing Success with the company the hired me to design their new Award website for 2009 I Applied Clean style, Information Architect and USABILITY techniques.

Provided design, front-end development, XHTML, CSS
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TSolver - Total Trouble Solver Company

TSolver - Total Trouble Solver
TSolver is a nonprofit organization addresses the need for modern and effective technology solutions in Middle Eastern local business and government sectors. A Supporter of the Green Business Environment.

Provided Graphic Design, XHTML and CSS Coding
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AGF:: American Goat Federation

AGF | American Goat Federation
The American Goat Federation (AGF) seeks to actively represent the interests of more than 100 organizations and thousands of producers engaged in the sustainable production and marketing of goat milk, meat, fiber and grazing services across the United States. My Part was to design the website along with a HTML template and css coding/Javascript.

User Interface Design XHTML / CSS Coding / Backend
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NTN - Nile Television Network User Interface Design

NTN - Nile Television Network
Nile Television Network is the most popular TV channels in Egypt and the Middle East i was hired to take their Portal to a new step. the website feature the use of the following Technologies (Silverlight, Live Streaming and Video on Demand).

User Interface Design XHTML / CSS Coding / Backend
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Pronto Connections - Chicago Call Center

Pronto Connections - Chicago Call Center
pronto connections is leading call center in Chicago US they asked for renovating their old website to a real competitive website that can help them achieve higher goals. in this project I was in charge of the XHTML/CSS. This project is based on YUI Library.

Provided XHTML / CSS Coding
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Embassy of the Dominican Republic in Egypt Website

Dominican Republic Embassy
The Embassy of Dominican Republic in Egypt. I got hired by the Ambassador Mrs. Maria Bonetti to design their website which help the Tourists to get information about Dominican Republic, Photo Gallery, Latest Events and The Embassy in Cairo, Egypt.

Provided Graphic Design and front-end development
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eMax Green Hosting Company

eMax Green Hosting Company
eMax is one of our clients in the US. In this project to make a unique user interface. in this project I was in charge of the XHTML/CSS as well suggesting new ideas a better user experience.

Provided XHTML / CSS Coding
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TTable - Charity Group for defeating World Hunger

TTable Charity Organization
TTable is a non profit organization that envisions a world without hunger. We hope to see excess food redistributed and made accessible to the poorest groups in society through the set up of TTables around the world.

Provided Graphic Design and front-end development
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Build a Business Website Design

Build A Business
The Mission after the concept of this project is to help young inventors to sell their ideas and find a partner/investor how can support them with the fund to help introducing the idea to the real world.

Provided design, Usability and front-end development
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